Woman from Dolpa

I photographed this woman during a trip to the remote region of Dolpa in Nepal in October 2012. On the last day of trekking we passed this striking looking woman on the trail near Tripurakot in Lower Dolpa. Different images of her have been used in various publications since. This is a spread in the new brochure for Jagged Globe. I often get asked "what is that on her head?" It's actually a bamboo rice pan for winnowing. The fur is from a Yak, but why she has it on the rice pan I'm not sure. Could it be to keep her hands warm while she is winnowing? Or to keep her warm while she carries the rice pan on her head? Or perhaps it's simply for decoration. I wish I'd asked her but I was too busy capturing the moment.

Jagged Globe brochure, 2015

Himalayas Magazine, winter 2014