Multiple people project / split personality

These are some test images for a bigger idea. I want to eventually study the movement of individuals carrying out various routines by using this technique of merging multiple frames. I will ultimately compose one image with potentially hundreds of the same person in one frame. Please share your ideas with me below.

Example ideas: 

  • A man working in a huge shop or warehouse stacking shelves. Shot from an elevated viewpoint so the same man can be seen in many of the aisles and walking up and down, pushing trolleys etc. 
  • Man cleaning windows on side of huge building.  There would be hundreds of cables in different places as well.
  • Small child cycling a little bike with stabilisers in a big garden. Round and round in circles.
  • Child could also work on huge climbing frame (hanging, swinging, sliding etc).
  • Ice skating rink. Once person (or couple) practising. Which areas will be most used?
  • Harvesting apples. Shot from an elevated view, the same person harvesting in an orchard.
  • Tennis match of both players. Shot from the side at the net.