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The pressure gauge (when heating is on) should be around 2.5. If this drops (usually winter) to below 1.5 the release tap should be opened for a few moments. You'll see the pressure gauge go up straightaway. Close the tap at 2.5. There's no need to turn it too hard.

The pipe under the bath has a tendency to block fairly easily which is why there is now a strainer on the plug hole which has solved the problem. This is the one, always keep it there and replace if you need to. 

Shower curtains get a bit scummy after a while. They're machine washable and come up like new. There's a spare with the bath mats. The curtain rail is getting slightly loose. I'll need to re-fix it at some point so be gentle with it. 

I had to completely replace the flush mechanism once so I know it's not that well made. The button can get a little stuck sometimes which keeps the water running. Just gently ease it back out. 

Now the floors and skirting upstairs is all sealed I think there will be far less, if any. They come out in the spring and as soon as you see the first one get the sticky pads hanging up. They're in the kitchen drawer.




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